The Business of Being in Business

Congratulations!!!! You are living the American Dream!! Nothing can be more rewarding, and yet so challenging as owning your own business!

  • Do you have trouble every month with cash flow?
  • Are you watching the years go by and you are not reaching “the next level?”
  • Are you planning for your retirement?
  • Do you pro-actively plan your year-end taxes and business strategies, or are you just reporting what happened?
  • Are you confused by the tax laws and just hope you are taking full advantage of all the deductions you are entitled to?
  • Do you trust your bookkeeper to all your records with no oversight?

Do any or all of these sound familiar? Most small business owners work so hard, and are so wrapped up in the everyday details of jobs and operations, that some planning gets “put off” for another day. Does that day ever come?

Keep up to date on what you need to know!  Our financial educators, consultants and advisors will teach you that through sports, music, fashion (and whatever your passion) strategies that can actually propel you forward toward financial success!

Your financial journey is underway! Are you the driver or just along for the ride?