The Business of Being Newlywed

Congratulations!!!! You and your bride or groom (to-be) are now the new Founders of the Most Amazing Corporation that will ever exist on earth: Your new (to-be) Family!!!

Most newlywed couples view their relationship, especially in the truly blissful time between pre-engagement and one year after the wedding, as purely emotional. Yet, there is something so fruitful being planted and blooming. Your business relationship is in its beginning stages. Yes, your business relationship!!!!!

You were once two separate companies, with two separate Presidents, acting under two separate plans for current daily operations and future dream setting.

The two existing separate companies had

  • two different ways of saving or not saving
  • two different ways of spending or being thrifty
  • two different ideas of what to spend the money on
  • two different accounting programs to track everything or not track it at all
  • two different ways to analyze the progress or just guess at how it was going

Do any, or all of these sound familiar? You are not alone! Well, there is a lot to do in order to plan and implement this merger for it to have a strong foundation!!!

ACTION IS REQUIRED!!!! And let’s make it fun!!!!!!!!!!! This has to be fun – it is going to be about you playing this business game of life together!!!! 43-50% of first marriages end in divorce. The rates are higher for 2nd and 3rd marriages. The #1 & #2 reasons cited for marital problems are financial issues and lack of communication! Don’t miss your opportunity to get this one right!

The Business of Being Married – For the Engaged and Newlywed. Our financial educators, consultants and advisors will teach you that sports, music, fashion (and whatever your passion) can actually propel you forward toward a successful marriage financially using our strategies!

Your financial journey is underway! Are you the driver or just along for the ride?